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 Post subject: Spider in my tank
PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:33 am 

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Does anyone remember the old petrol ads on TV.
'Put a tiger in your tank.'
Well, I managed to get a Huntsman or similar sized large spider in my fuel tank. I have no idea how it got there or how long it has been in there.
I suffered fuel starvation on the way home from Tassie on the Princes Hwy south of Cann River. This persisted till we got to Narooma where I bled the fuel line thinking it had a vapour lock. It went ok the rest of the way home.
I have driven it around home a bit , nothing further showed up.

I decided to join the south coast drive this week. But only got as far as 30k or so north of Bega where the fuel starvation reappeared. I couldn't get up the hills and I knew there were many more ahead. I decided to return to Narooma to get a fuel filter as I assumed it was blocked. I nursed it to Narooma where I purchased the rear filter and changed it. The old one was not blocked but flow from the tank was reduced quite a lot. I bled the line again and all seemed ok.
I headed for home and suffered at least a 100 or so fuel starvation episodes on the trip. The big long hill at the Lake Conjola turn off beat me though. I ended up stuck halfway up with now where to pull off the road. A kind policeman helped and we backed the car down to a pull off point. Where the car started running again. He suggested to try the hill again. Which I did with him following with lights flashing. I got a little further up this time but managed to limp into the bus bay. I decided to call the NRMA. Which I did, but there was a 90 min wait
I waited for 30 mins then I bled the line again. I called the NRMA and cancelled the call out.
With the car running again I got up the hill and a lot further. But still got the fuel starvation on any of the hills. But managed to get over the top of them all. With a least another 50 or so stops I got it home, although the last 5 klm I had 5 stops.
By this time after a 5.00 am start I was home at 3.00pm and feeling pretty stuffed. I parked it in the garage and had a rest and some lunch.
I pulled the line off the fuel tank and the fuel was only dribbling out. I pushed a screwdriver into the hole and felt a rubbery resistance. I pushed up hard and the offending blockage popped out and fuel gushed everywhere. My finger plugged the hole and then put in the plug I had got out ready earlier.
So now I had the issue of a foreign object in my tank. I drained all the fuel out. Never having removed a tank before I attacked it from the boot.
Stop here, thats not the way they come out. I have since been told.
But I managed to manhandle it free from the boot after bending a few tabs that hold the rear panel in place.
I put fuel back in the tank to slosh it around and empty it into an oil tray. After about 5 times I found the legs head and body of a large spider in the fuel. The head and body still connected were very firm and rubbery. I had found the offending intermittent fuel blockage plug.. I did some more 'fuel into the tank and sloshing and emptying' but found nothing further.
I then checked the interior of the tank with a borrowed borescope, and found it clear.
So I reinstalled the tank from the correct way, after removing all the bits in the way. I also replaced the rubber fuel lines and front and rear filters. I have made the assumption that the electric pump is ok. But have a spare ready just in case.
Its all back together and running again.
Another issue I found earlier was the rubber hose used to join the tank to the filler wasn't fuel hose. It was pretty ragged on its ends. I also though a bit of this might have been the cause of the blockage in the tank, but I didn't find any in there... Just the spider and it's legs. Rick said it looked like a kit to build a spider in the photo I sent him.

1. If you fuel up at a servo first thing in the morning check the nozzle for spiders.
2. Remove TR fuel tanks from the rear seat not the boot.
3. Use correct fuel rubber for you fuel connections.
4. Finally, don't ever put a 'tiger' in your tank, a 'spider' was bad enough.

[here is the spider: ... edit - Rick]

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