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Author:  wocka37 [ Sat Dec 21, 2013 9:10 am ]
Post subject:  How to USE the FORUM

TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE FORUM - and due to external attacks we have restricted NEW membership to existing Forum Members and to FINANCIAL TR-Register members.
This will better protect us from outside attack.
Some differences from 2021: Register Members will need to provide:
- 1. Membership Number
- 2. Last Name
- 3. A password (must be between 6 and 100 characters long, must contain letters in mixed case and must contain numbers.)
The administrator CANNOT see your password, so write it down & don't lose it!

- To Post on the forum CLICK on the BLUE Forum Name
- When composing, there are a lot more tools available. They are to the right, left, above and below.
- To use BOLD for example, highlight the text by dragging over it and select B (as above).


Always use the option to PREVIEW what you have written BEFORE selecting SUBMIT (it's down below where you created the Post.)
That way, you can see any mistakes, before you actually make the Post LIVE.


Composing the events is important.

You can add material in the form of PDFs, doc, docx and jpgs. In the case of photos, they need to be in the format - .jpg
(I can extend that if needed)
But you will often need to add an event by just typing it in. There are lots of tools available on the "post" screen which I have shown below. These tools allow you to have better visual impact.
eg. you might like to make the first line (name of the event) in BOLD or even in BIGGER text or in COLOUR
to do that - look at the screen print below:
type your text
drag your cursor over the text you want to change and it will be in hilite
click on one of the boxes above the entered text eg. B will make all the selected text BOLD
i will make it Italics, clicking a colour from the RH column of colours will change the text to that colour.
In the "Font size:" box you can select: Normal or tiny to huge!

;) :lol: and these are "emoticons" you can just select and place by clicking on them.

- images in an attachment have a maximum size of 5Mb.
- I have set maximum physical size for images when added in-line as 1200 wide x 800 high
- I will be experimenting with the allowances and settings for images to provide maximum benefit to users
- Images must be APPROPRIATE for a car club forum.
- NB ... your posted images can be downloaded by viewers.


1. Find a suitable pic on your computer or device and remember where it is located
2. Below the Post you are creating or editing, look below the Message Body for a Blue line with the words "Upload Attachment"
3. Select "Choose File" by clicking on it and go to the location of the image image file (at the moment only use JPEGS) and select it.
4. You can just select "Add the file" and/or add some text in the "File Comment" box.
5. Notice that once it's posted, on the row below you get the option to "Delete the file" now or later.


I forgot to say that if you want the pic to be right where you are typing use the option "Place Inline"
which appears when you actually Choose the file.

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