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Toll Passes
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Author:  NevilleT [ Fri Apr 09, 2021 5:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Toll Passes

This is more curiosity than anything else. For ages, I carried my toll pass in the side pocket and waved it at the sensor as I went onto toll roads. I sometimes jammed it between the aero screen and the windscreen until it came loose one day and broke into a number of pieces on a sweeping corner approaching a toll road. Fortunately, I collected all the bits and glued them back together.

I then attacked it with Silastik and tried to make it waterproof. Rubbed the silicon sealant into all the joins. I mounted it out of sight behind the rearview mirror. In the last month, it stopped working after a couple of years. I enquired about a new one and explained that it was for a sports car and was subject to the elements. What do they suggest I do? What do bikes use?

The customer service guy had no idea and went away to check. After about ten minutes he said they were not supposed to be waterproof, and I should just keep it in a dry place. Where that is in a TR during a downpour I am yet to discover. Bikes don't have a device. They use number plate recognition. For cars, they charge 55 cents per plate ID. I expect I will do the Silastik thing again although the new one is a smaller model than my dead unit which dated to about 2010. Maybe it is more sealed.

I was wondering what other people do? Do you have it attached to your windscreen? Do you just wave it as I once did? Do you have revolving number plates like James Bond?

Author:  TR1954 [ Sat Apr 10, 2021 5:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Toll Passes

Attached to the windscreen behind the mirror with the supplied mount. Never been a problem.
To avoid it getting nicked I do remove it when the car is parked at the shops etc. Then I forget and go through the toll without it.

Author:  trooo3 [ Sat Apr 10, 2021 6:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Toll Passes

We have several old cars and one modern. Basically we hold the passes in a pair of cloth purses that we carry from one car to another. One is "The Frog" because that's what it is. Jenny usually holds the pass up but if by myself I toss it onto the dash of the Honda or on the seat of the others. Being open cars it usually works. I did have an interesting conversation with a RMS employee in which I pointed out that a toll pass couldn't work in a 1928 Chevrolet because of primitive electrical interference and the overhang of the top. I think I ruined her day. I don't know why they can't go to number plate recognition as per motorcycles but I suspect it would lead to massive theft/abuse of number plates. I have several that I could fit but are long out of date. Hope this helps.

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