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PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, 2021 5:27 pm 

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I tried everything. Full clean of radiator, at Natrad in Barrie st Bayswater, he could not find anything wrong. All pipes in radiator were clean. $200.00
Rebuild of the Distributor at Nunawading Ignition systems. They set the timing to 10degrees before top dead centre. No improvement $350.00
Purchased a timing light$120.00. All set at 10 degrees on idle still overheating
Drained block and radiator and replaced water with Evans Waterless fluid. Stopped the engine from boiling but it still ran at 110 - 115degrees C when Underwood up hill. 3 bottles of fluid at $90.00 each
Purchased new Radiator without crankshaft hole from Moss Motors landed price of A$800.
Was waiting to install it(still on Shelf-in garage.)
Installed a n electronic temp gauge on the head to monitor the engine temperature. $110.00
Tried to tune the cables with a borrowed vacuum gauge, so impressed with the borrowed unit that I bought my own unit on EBay. $80.00
So in summary I spent a lot of money on items that did not fix my problem of overheating.
We went on a few club runs including a trip to Griffiths last March, the car was having trouble starting first thing in the morning ( I would use “Start ya bastard” to fire it up, but once started in the morning all other starts were perfect.
I never needed to start the car with the choke. I fixed the choke up including the new linkages
All this time I believe it was running rich and blowing a bit of black smoke.
Re tuned the Carbies checking the needles and jets which were the SM type. (Correct needles)
And on so doing this I leaned off the mixture.
Car now runs at 850 t0 900rpm on idle
The car now never overheats and operates at 86 to 93 degrees C on temp gaugeSo I spent a lot of money on items that probably did not need
I believe the carbie tuning fixed the problem and I should now get them professionally tuned.
I have had the car since 1971
If you would like to discuss further you can ring me 0412254726

PostPosted: Sun Nov 07, 2021 10:44 pm 

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Thought I would give an update on the car now after getting responses to my over heating issue. I have finally got the car registered and can now test drive it. Initial issue was that it was idling rough and had no power below 2000 revs and went like a rocket once I got past that. Made adjustments to timing and mixture with not much success in fact making it worse. The strange thing was it drove well when cold but died when it got warm so I suspected the mixture was still too rich even though the I ended up with the adjustment jammed up against the stop so armed with knowledge from gabalot1 I decided to dig out the needle and jet that SU Midel had removed when I got the SU’s refurbished at some not inconsiderable expense. In doing this I found the jet was not at the bridge that was the zero position for tuning and they were also different lengths. Got the old jets fitted tuned it up and voila I now have a entirely different car that drives well through to 3000 revs where I am limiting it to at the moment. It also idles well and is a pleasure to drive. It was gradually creeping up in temperature over a 20 - 30 minute drive so I thought I would swap my brand new radiator cap for my old one when I noticed the overflow dripping constantly. That seems to have improved the temperature issue but I think I still have some fine tuning to get it completely right but certainly happier than several days ago.

When I sent the carbies to Midel I told them I effectively had a TR3A engine with extractors and a mild cam. What they have sent me appears to be great if I wanted to race the thing but absolutely useless for a road car. The other issue I had with the carbies was the banjo bolts they fitted were pouring fuel out onto my exhaust and electrics when I first fired it up. In the end I compared them with the old banjo bolts and found I had to take about 3mm off the bolt to seal it. Pretty fundamental issue in my opinion. I probably wouldn’t be so annoyed if I paid what i thought was a fair price but it cost about double of my expectation took 9 - 10 weeks instead of 2 - 3 quoted and at no stage was I kept informed of anything even when I rang and asked. My recommendation would be to look elsewhere if you are considering getting your SU’s done.

Anyway thanks for the help as I think it may have taken longer to sort out without the advice.

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