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PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 9:42 am 

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Looking at modern cars can be a little misleading. The fan s usually in front of the radiator. First, the radiator, fan, pump,etc are sized and arranged to work as a complete system taking into account the various advantages and disadvantages. The TR system was designed as a whole in the same manner. It was designed to work with the fan behind the radiator, as were the vast majority of other cars of the era. Move it to the front and you are changing the base design. Nothing wrong with that as long as you take the effects of that into account. There are a lot of front mounted fans on TRs out there working well but if you want the very best from the system then you put the fan behind the radiator.

In front wheel drive cars, space normally dictates that the fan is located in front of the radiator, especially as there has to be two fans (engine and aircon). The radiators and fans are sized accordingly. This can also apply to rear wheel drive cars as the whole package must fit into what the body designers require the body to look like.

With regard to the location of the fan control switch, what you need to take into consideration is that they are all computer controlled with many sensors. They do not rely on one input. In my case (I have EFI on my car) the fan is controlled by both forward speed and engine temp. The temp is set at 85c and speed set at 60kph either will turn on the fan. Yes, I have an over-ride switch. As I do not need a choke, I replaced the choke cable with a headlight switch but still fitted the choke knob. The first position turns on the fan and the second position turns on the water pump as well. I have never had to use it but I was also in the aviation world and like a bit of redundancy built into critical systems.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 5:17 am 

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So, continuing on with the concept of measuring radiator outlet temp, I wonder about the benefits of using the thermo siphone effect of hot wiring the fan so that it will come on when the engine is switched off and residual heat rise escalates past the set point? That should reduce the temp rise quite a bit, apart from having the fan run a lot less in normal operation.
Obviously both trigger points work so there is no wrong answer. I note from fan specs, that puller fans tend to be more efficient. Just thinking!

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