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Overdrive operation
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Author:  TR1954 [ Thu Jul 29, 2021 3:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Overdrive operation

Over the years I have had discussions with various owners about whether the overdrive should be engaged under load or with the clutch in. In the 45 years of driving my TR2 I have always engaged and disengaged the od under load, rarely full load but with a reasonable load. I have sometimes had doubts that this was right but continued to drive this way.
During our current quiet spell I have been studying gearboxes and overdrives in preparation for rebuilding a 2500 box and J type overdrive I have and found this presentation by Pete Cox, available on the TR Register UK website.
Pete notes at 12' 30" that he has never seen an overdrive fail when it is engaged under load but he has seen them fail when people use the clutch to engage overdrive. ... oss-Europe

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